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As mentioned in the interviews I have 150 new in the box copies of Journey to the Motherland from San Francisco to Benin City.  By myself, Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd.  These new 150 books are paper backs not e- books.

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Journey to the Motherland from San Francisco to Benin City.




Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd

Keidi interviews Ukali 01 03 2016 about his new book American Challenges in the Obama Era Part 2



This is Part 2 of an interview on www.libRadio.net by Keidi Obi Awadu of Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd. This interview was conducted on Jan. 3, 2016.

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I have 6 e-books on sale at Amazon.com/kindle  namely, Journey to the Motherland, a paperback (COSTS $2.99) 170 pages- History to Destiny Through Afrocentric Poetry released in a limited edition massive paperback of spoken word recently released as an expanded and updated e-book ONLY $2.99 CENTS. Loving Black Women a 130 paged paperback that sold out has also been expanded with several more Black Romance and Love Poems- AN E-BOOK COSTING ONLY $2.99 CENTS. The NEWEST TWO BOOKS are Long Distance Love 220 pages, a memoir about my 4+ year engagement to a Nigerian sister from 2003 to 2008 ($4.49) .American Challenges In The Obama Era Part 1 is my latest book ($2.99).Check out my page atamazon.com/kindle by typing Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd in the Amazon.com/kindle e-book search box. American Challenges in the Obama Era Part 2 is now published and available for purchase during the 2016 time period. Read Part 1 and now Part 2. Thank you if you have read any of my books before or for going to Amazon.com/kindle and reading for the first 10 pages of any of my e-books free.
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Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd

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Here is the author’s summary of my latest book American Challenges in the Obama Era Part 2. The challenges for instance to our human rights posed by trigger happy racist policing. However the facts of most importance is what will we all do to right these 500 year hold human rights violations.

Summary of American Challenges in the OBAMA ERA PART 2

This is a book of analysis of the Obama Era and the second term looking generally at this second term of President Obama ‘s time in the Whitehouse. The themes in this book evaluate human rights of all Americans in general and in particular the human rights of African Americans and others of the new majority. This book defines the new majority. And this book further defines the Strategic National Black Consensus proposal for African American political, social and economic unity through the proposed National Black Trust (Outlined in Part 1) as a way to survive the post Obama white supremacy era led by Donald Trump and other conservative racist whites combined with continued American police terror . This book series when read as part 1 and 2 provides analysis from the first 7 1/2 years of the Obama Era and Obama Presidency as well as an analysis of the Human Rights versus police terror/brutality, voter suppression and discrimination as well as 500 years of colonialism and slavery in the USA and the world. In addition Part 2 of this book is full of positive spoken word style poetry and progressive essays as well as commentary of the author that you can compare with your views for better overall communication of ideas about justice, freedom/liberation and equality for all-in America and the world. This book also offers an analysis of the 2016 Presidential race.



Interview on LIB Radio with Keidi Awadu

Hello my people and progressive people all over the world,


I will be interviewed on international internet radio station: LIB Radio also known as Living in Black Radio on Wednesday, January 3, 2017 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Here is the link to LIB Radio:




This interview will feature my newest e- book:


 American Challenges in the Obama Era Part 2


Here is the link to my newest book:


I invite you to listen in and call in to my Living in Black Radio interview available all over the world.


 Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd 

The after story to my book Journey to the Motherland, from San Francisco


Hello my people and progressive readers all over the world, 1 year and ½ year ago July 10 to July 12, 2015, my students from Nigeria invited and flew me to London, England for their 4th convention. What amazes me is that my students remembered me after such a long time.

My students in Nigeria remembered me from being their high school government lecturer from 35 to 39 years ago. I was overjoyed that my students remembered me and that my senior brother decided to fly London on his own because of my 2014 stroke and to document and video tape. The rest of my family strongly urged Darnell to go with me and because of that I continue to thank my brother Darnell for making this journey with me. I already have an excellent book on my first trip to Nigeria. However I have just completed an update to my book Journey to the Motherland, from San Francisco to Benin City.

Since my book is an e-book, I will reopen Journey to the Motherland and add the story of my students, and their 4th Convention to the original manuscript. It may take 24 to 48 hours for the update to be completed. However if you already bought Journey the update will automatically be made available to you. However if you only have the paperback  copy of Journey, then please download the e-book so you can read about this amazing after story to Journey to the Motherland, From San Francisco to Benin City.



I have written several books! Most recent: LOVING BLACK WOMEN (Book or Audio Dual CD-Set)!
It contains over 60% of Black Women Praise, as well as Black Love Spoken Word Poetry!

Loving Black Women is also full of ~common sense~ Black political thinking, calling for an urgent convening of The 8th, and The 9th, All African People’s Congress!

This ~life-work~ is available at: Marcus and Alexander Books (in the city of San Francisco, California) as well as Underground Books (in the city of Sacramento, Califo


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Hello Progressive people of the world. Hello My people. Hello to all progressive and aware people. Welcome to my Loving Black Women Web Site. Please feel free to spend time checking this Web Site out and use my links or go to Amazon.com/kindle and put my names in the search box then read the first 10 pages for free however please buy 1 or all 6 of my reasonably priced e-books.