I have written several books! Most recent: LOVING BLACK WOMEN (Book or Audio Dual CD-Set)!
It contains over 60% of Black Women Praise, as well as Black Love Spoken Word Poetry!

Loving Black Women is also full of ~common sense~ Black political thinking, calling for an urgent convening of The 8th, and The 9th, All African People’s Congress!

This ~life-work~ is available at: Marcus and Alexander Books (in the city of San Francisco, California) as well as Underground Books (in the city of Sacramento, Califo

Hello world!

Hello Progressive people of the world. Hello My people. Hello to all progressive and aware people. Welcome to my Loving Black Women Web Site. Please feel free to spend time checking this Web Site out and use my links or go to and put my names in the search box then read the first 10 pages for free however please buy 1 or all 6 of my reasonably priced e-books.