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Available for interviews or as a speaker/guest on any media, radio or TV News and Talk Shows as well as African-American and African History Month programs/ celebrations!

I am also available to make commentaries on political issues, cultural issues, international, national, regional, and local issues. Additionally, I perform spoken word/ poetry as well as give lectures and submit guest columns as well as comprehensive articles from time to time. I have been a magazine guest editor too!

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Email:  In the eighties Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd’s regular column Black Politics in the Eighties appeared weekly in the San Francisco Metro Reporter Newspaper

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Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd- Revised 2017 Biography

Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd, born during the fifties in San Francisco, graduated from Balboa High School in 1970 and entered University of San Francisco and received a B.A. in 1974 in Political Science and Ethnic Studies (African American).  His quest for education continued at Golden Gate University in San Francisco where he received a Masters in Public Administration 1976 (MPA). In 2004 Ukali earned his Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and his Administrative Credential!

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Ukali’s books his pages at

The Black Expatriate in Africa (1982)

  1. Journey to the Motherland, From San Francisco to Benin City- Autobiographical Novel (2002)
  2. History To Destiny Through Afrocentric Poetry (2004)
  3. Loving Black Women: Essays and Spoken Word (2006)
  4. Long Distance Love 2010
  5. American Challenges in the Obama Era Part 1
  6. American Challenges in the Obama Era Part 2

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Ukali has delivered his unique Black Love Spoken Word from Sacramento to L. A. to San Francisco to Brooklyn NY! I would love to be invited to your area, program or event as a lecturer, poet or panelist or any combination!

***Hello brothers and sisters and all progressive people and readers.

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