The after story to my book Journey to the Motherland, from San Francisco


Hello my people and progressive readers all over the world, 1 year and ½ year ago July 10 to July 12, 2015, my students from Nigeria invited and flew me to London, England for their 4th convention. What amazes me is that my students remembered me after such a long time.

My students in Nigeria remembered me from being their high school government lecturer from 35 to 39 years ago. I was overjoyed that my students remembered me and that my senior brother decided to fly London on his own because of my 2014 stroke and to document and video tape. The rest of my family strongly urged Darnell to go with me and because of that I continue to thank my brother Darnell for making this journey with me. I already have an excellent book on my first trip to Nigeria. However I have just completed an update to my book Journey to the Motherland, from San Francisco to Benin City.

Since my book is an e-book, I will reopen Journey to the Motherland and add the story of my students, and their 4th Convention to the original manuscript. It may take 24 to 48 hours for the update to be completed. However if you already bought Journey the update will automatically be made available to you. However if you only have the paperback  copy of Journey, then please download the e-book so you can read about this amazing after story to Journey to the Motherland, From San Francisco to Benin City.

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