My Statement and Question to the Survivors of the Middle Passage and Progressives

My Statement and Question to the survivors of the middle passage and progressives of every group of disrespected people in the USA?
What do you think of my proposals to have A real Political Realignment with the new majority communities and progressives all over the USA will join in group wide progressives African Americans, Africans, Asians, Mexicans, Latinos/Latinas, Native Americans and progressive groups of every part of the new majority? And you my people who survived the middle passage! You are the foundation of the new majority however we would be a much more empowered people and united people in a time like now in modern times they continue to violate our civil, political and Human Rights from the three branches of government and the local state and federal levels of government among the unjust police assassinations of our people across this country. What about unjust incarceration for profits? How do you feel my people about political realignment and consideration all across the USA and considering the empowerment possible with a Strategic National Black Consensus among our people from the bottom up and from the street to where we are in the suite? We can empower ourselves with the establishment of a National Black Trust again among us for funding successful Black empowerment efforts! What do you think?

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